Site Selection

How it works

1. One phone call is all it takes. Simply call or email our associates with your meeting specifics, including the following information:

  • Preferred Meeting Dates
  • Desired Location(s) i.e. city, state, region, etc.
  • Meeting Room Requirements
  • Meal Functions
  • Your budget and wish list of concessions
  • Any other significant details

You may also use our Contact Form

2.  Immediately after we receive your information, our hotel research begins and we will contact you within 48 hours with results and / or a status report.

3. Our associates will research, identify and make contact with the appropriate properties that match your needs and obtain proposals

4. Review proposals and verify that they are capable of completely addressing your needs

5. ICR associates will prepare an easy-to-read synopsis of our findings as well as a comparative grid of our recommendations

6. You choose your venue based on our research and we begin the process of negotiating the concessions and terms of the contract.

7. Review contract for any errors as well as deposits, attrition terms and deadline dates

8. The contract is signed and you have your hotel venue secured!

9. ICR also handles additional services free of charge. (click on this to go to services page)

If you wish our associates at ICR to manage the entire event, we would be happy to handle all of the details and thus begin the second stage the meeting planning process.

Complimentary Services

  • Research and pinpoint hotel venues that meet your specific requests
  • Obtain and review hotel proposals that adequately meet your needs
  • Provide you with an easy-to-read synopsis that includes highlights, such as location, available rates and dates, amenities, the caliber of the venue and other information that identifies the features that will support the creation of a truly successful event
  • Organize and manage your hotel site inspections
  • Perform site inspections if desired
  • Attain concessions for a hotel contract that will benefit your budgetary and event provisions.
  • Negotiate an agreement that focuses on the hotel contract verbiage, i.e. attrition that will thwart potential problems as the program progresses.
  • Review contracts for errors, attrition clauses, cancellation penalties and guest room cut-off dates
  • Analyze and assess contracts, paying particular attention to deposits, cutoff dates, attrition and cancellation clauses in order to avoid situations that could pose future difficulties
  • Anticipate and manage all possible glitches throughout the planning process so as to avoid future complications during the event
  • Assist with program relocations
  • Off-site entertainment assistance
  • Menu / F&B assistance
  • Set up Dine-around reservations
  • Set up group activities such as golf, spa, tours, etc.
  • Manage rooming list and cutoff deadlines
  • Ground transportation and VIP transfers
  • Finally, ICR guarantees that you will save time and money, as well as enjoy the benefits of having created and managed a truly spectacular event!