What is site selection

Posted by: icradmin at 5:23 pm on March 22nd, 2014

The purpose of a site selection company is to research, identify and secure hotel venues for their client’s events. They do this by utilizing experience and knowledge of the hotel industry to find the best available properties capable of fulfilling the client company's meeting needs and budgetary constraints. Site companies such as ICR use proficient skill in negotiating contracts that are focused on contract language, ultimately preventing future problems that often arise as program planning advances.

Site companies start by evaluating the program’s needs and then use their expertise to match the requirements to hotel venues that can best deliver the results needed for a successful meeting. During this process, they will explore many hotel options before narrowing them down to several top contenders which they will then present to the client company's meeting planner. Once a decision is made, the site selection company will negotiate an agreement focusing on concessions and contract language that will benefit and protect the company’s interests.