Location, location, location:

Finding the right location for an event is often the key to its success. So it is no surprise that the task of securing a venue can be time-consuming and even overwhelming. ICR is the answer -–a Complimentary one-stop connection between you and the ideal hotel. Best news of all? Our site services are free!

You’ll Save Time:

Whether you’re a first time planner or seasoned professional, securing an event venue takes precious time away from other important duties of your position. ICR will save you endless hours of emails, phone calls and hotel research. Based on the details of your event, ICR associates research and recommend the best possible hotel based on your meeting’s needs, budget, goals and objectives

Quick Turn-around Time Guaranteed

Within 48 hours of initial contact, ICR will provide the following information:

  • A detailed list of available hotel options in your location(s) of interest
  • Group rates and concessions offered
  • Hotel amenities
  • Hotel rating
  • Proximity to the closest airport, nearby attractions, restaurants and other general information of the area.


ICR associates have extensive knowledge of the hospitality industry. WE are very conversant of both domestic and international hotels, as well as destination locations. ICR has researched countless properties, completed an abundance of site inspections and/or has worked with many hotel venues. We can expose you to new and exciting properties that are willing and able to make your events incrementally more successful.


Money Saver:

  • ICR offers complimentary hotel site selection services at its best. We are compensated by the hotels chosen for your events; however, we guarantee that our placement fee will not be reflected in higher negotiated rates for your group in order to cover our fee. Hotels are pleased to receive business that they would not normally have and therefore, consider our involvement as a cost of doing business.
  • Expertise in the hotel industry, time-honored hotel relationships and negotiation skills will produce contracts to greatly benefit our clients. Additionally, ICR associates are well versed in contract verbiage, such as attrition. Understanding contract language will lessen risks and protect clients from penalties


Many third-party companies are affiliated with specific hotel brands, or hotel groups. Consequently, they are obliged to direct their client’s to these same hotels that they endorse, regardless if it is a proper fit for the client’s events. ICR has no such affiliations and will not endorse any hotel brand or group as a preferred vendor. Therefore, we will not be influenced by gifts, contracts or kickbacks. ICR relies on industry knowledge, integrity, and professionalism with regards to our hotel relationships

Personalized Service

Once a contract is signed, it is typical for third-party site selection companies to move on to their next client. In contrast, ICR offers support as long as it’s needed and wanted; whether it’s researching off-site entertainment or assisting with ground transportation, we will be there to help long after the contract has been signed. And what’s more, the assistance and support we offer is almost always free of charge.

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Free Services

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